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This video explains how I used Elance to find teams around the world -- including Jamaica, the Philippines, India, and more -- that then competed to set coffee dates for me.  The result?  More than 20 dates in one weekend and a long-term girlfriend.  It's an absurd and amusing example of just how effective personal outsourcing can be.  If you can imagine it, you can delegate it.

7/12/2009 02:55:06 pm

Silly me, I found my hubby over a glass of scotch at a bar by *myself*. Shocking! Tim, let's make plans soon so you can meet the baby and hang out with Jason and I again soon!

7/12/2009 03:13:11 pm

Man I love your work Tim!

I try to watch a video a day just for inspiration.

Keep it up!

Mike Boyd

John Galt
7/12/2009 03:35:25 pm

Great idea - I should have come up with this. Well, right now I am updating my eLance profile ;)

7/12/2009 04:32:13 pm

ha, so looks like you liked my question at wordcamp. thanks for the answer!

7/12/2009 04:34:09 pm

nice to see you are still posting stuff while in China :-)

7/12/2009 04:51:56 pm

Your hilarious!
That is great that you met your girlfriend this way.
Any plans on touring to Vancouver, Canada?

All the best,

7/12/2009 07:23:05 pm

Hey Tim,

I saw this in the video, and it's a good story, BUT...

I think you could do other material about Tim Ferrissing your love life, that would be even more useful. For example:

1) Overcome your fears.

2) Get out of your comfort zone.

3) Be proactive about meeting people who share your interests.

4) Actively brainstorm solutions (e.g. get involved in social activity X) rather than assuming there's no solution without thinking about it (e.g. I'm in an industry with no girls, so I'll never meet any).

5) Language learning as a way to meet people (language is all about communication and is a great conversation opener with the right people).

Keep up the good work!

Stephan Meier
7/12/2009 10:43:57 pm

Great new thoughts to meet people. You don't have to arrange your dates alone. New thoughts, new lifestyle. Thank you Tim.

Bruce Contant
7/12/2009 11:42:01 pm

I really like the use of 'Tim Ferriss' as a verb. I will honestly begin using this in my daily conversations because I know a lot of people who will ask me what the hell I'm talking about. No doubt that these individuals will need some 'Tim Ferrissing' in their lives and I would be happy to enlighten them.

7/13/2009 12:19:22 am


this was hilarious, thanks for posting it.

people might scoff at some of your methods but this is really the way to do it. Block off some time and go through as many meet and greets as you can and see what's out there. out of 20 dates, even if you have 2 or 3 second dates, that's great.

people these days are too willing to settle because most times they're just too afraid to weed out those they're not compatible with and start dating again.

congrats on making dating outsourcing work, too bad the GF didn't work out in the long run.... maybe time for another dating round-robin? haha.

take care.

7/13/2009 12:23:00 am

I believe that this raises the question "what can't we 'Tim Ferriss'?"

7/13/2009 02:10:42 am

Could you then Tim Ferris your entire social life, and have the cloud look after your Calendar... like a Personal Assistant in the sky?

Sounds like the only way I'll ever have a functioning memory, at least until humans and technology can pro create.

7/13/2009 02:37:57 am

Forcing fate's hand. I like it.

7/13/2009 02:46:39 am

This video is hysterical. You've got to get Neil Strauss to handle your next batch of emails. I bet you'd come up with some great results. On top of that, you and Neil could possibly put together a book on internet dating. Lightbulb?

7/13/2009 02:59:57 am

If one wanted to "replicate" your experiement could you provide a generic copy of the RFP you placed for outsourcing? You indicated that it was very detailed.

7/13/2009 03:49:29 am

Thanks for the good laugh-I needed that!

7/13/2009 12:41:52 pm

Cool video. So have you used this process a second time when single?

What metrics did you use to pick the winning girl? :D

7/13/2009 03:37:03 pm


I am a big fan of your book and found it very inspirational.

HOWEVER, I start wondering if your stories are real or not.

I tend to think, after reading your book, following you on Twitter and reading your blog, that lots of your stories are fake and only used for buzz purposes. Your body language during the presentation tells a lot (how to detect lies: http://www.blifaloo.com/info/lies.php).

But never mind, you give us inspiration and that is what counts. Just wish it was for real.

7/13/2009 05:10:13 pm

Nice...perfect solution to the "meeting people" dilemma of dating. Especially enjoyed the competitive angle for the outsourcing firms (minus the French Filipino's).

I'm with Justin...any chance we could get a peek at a scrubbed copy of that RFP? I may have to take a crack at this!!

7/13/2009 06:17:38 pm

Hi guys,
it seems that all of you had good experience with on-line dating. Unfortunalty I can not share your entusiasm. Basicaly was just a waste of time !!! Grrr not like it. Good eliminating process based on humor.
Have fun, ;)

7/14/2009 12:56:49 am

This is HILARIOUS!!!

My god TF - you're all time!!!

7/14/2009 03:05:13 am


This is great, and before reading your blog I've thought about doing the same thing!...


Kim Southern
7/14/2009 06:50:15 pm

Hi Tim

I really like this post because I never hear you talk about love and I think that is the most important thing in life.

I think your book is awesome. I downloaded it from Itunes 8 months ago and listened to it while I painted my apartment and then I decided I had to read the hard copy too. Within the past 6 months I quit my job and traveled in Australia for 2 months. Next I went to Munich where I am now working and I learned to speak German in the past 4 months.
The only thing I do not get is how to automate income but I am ok with being an efficient and effective employee for now. I met my Munich boss in a Biergarten and he just hired me because of my stories of what I have done since reading your book.

Take care and have fun in China :)

7/14/2009 09:12:05 pm

This is such a hoot! What an outrageous idea to outsource your dating schedule!

You're brilliant!

7/15/2009 05:57:44 am

I would like to know what the cost of all the outsourcing was for your 20 dates?

7/16/2009 06:05:00 am

I really wish I was at this conference...

John Alamo
7/17/2009 01:01:04 am

@Gael (Who suggested that Tim looked like he was lying):

I'm a fan of Tim, and to be fair to Tim, I think he always looks like he's in a state of impromptu. Even his most personal, minimal videos can look like he's exhibiting signs of deception when he obviously doesn't have much to gain from lying about how to, for example, pack lightly for extended travel.

Either Tim compulsively lies all the time OR it's just the harmless nature of his body language and presence. If you examine even his most innocuous videos, you can see that it's the latter.

Although he did do a lot of earlobe fondling, but maybe it was some secret code. ;)

7/17/2009 04:05:09 am

Hahaha. Great stuff, tim!

7/17/2009 09:59:30 am

Love the video Tim. This reminds me of an email I got from UrbanDaddy the other week about a company that does this for you. Actually bookmarked it... http://www.urbandaddy.com/ntl/entertainment/6216/Virtual_Dating_Assistants_Your_New_Online_Wingman_National_NTL_Website

7/17/2009 02:35:32 pm

Thanks for the laugh. I needed it while I am sitting here cramming for an online test tonight.

Can't believe you are having a 6 month dry spell! If you ever make it to Vegas, I'll go out on a date with ya ;)

7/17/2009 04:32:13 pm

this was a delightful section of the full video-thanks for makin it bite size Tim ;)

on another note I couldn't help google "man jose". that's hilarious and apparently it's stocked with 17% more males. maybe I should check it out as I do enjoy the boys ;) and it is beautiful country too.


Danielle Koop
7/21/2009 04:06:25 am

...Does this mean you're unavailable? When will the coffee dates open back up ;-)

7/21/2009 06:49:58 pm

Whoa. I'm blogging this one. Pretty crazy, but if you need any communication tips for your team (and for your profile writing) check out my site.

7/22/2009 02:27:41 pm

only just started your book but entertained already and if that's not the point then what is ;)

and so enjoyed your clip on outsource dating, too funny

7/28/2009 11:28:57 pm

A very novel approach. Did it feel contrived at all, detrimentally contrived, that is?

7/31/2009 03:25:19 pm

wow - this totally, absolutely rocks. I'm going to talk about this to everyone I know doing online dating...if I could ask one question, it would be how much did it cost to do it, and how much time did you spend writing the proposals and specifications? One real girlfriend from 20 dates is pretty great. And...Tim...why didn't it last?
Tahnk you for all of your blog...Sarah

8/8/2009 03:57:12 pm


always good stuff. Keep it up I love your outsourcing mentality. I need to do more...

It would be great to spend more time with the family.

thanks again

9/11/2009 01:29:27 am

Well, I love this vedio. This is such a whoop! What an shocking idea to outsource your dating schedule!

9/15/2009 05:43:19 am

Hey Tim,
I'm interested in hearing more about what your communication strategies were for providing your team to secure these dates. I've written extensively about my own strategies on my blog. Please check out my blog and let me know what you think - I'd greatly appreciate your input!

Russ Ruggles

Melissa M.
10/9/2009 04:03:33 am

Hey Tim,

I thought this was really interesting. I had recently put up a few profiles to test how different ones attract different guys. Sarcastic/funny profiles, ones with bikini shots, or a girl next door feel, etc. At first I was surprised and kind of offended by the number of "canned" e-mails I would get from the same guys (not realizing it I was the same girl.) However, I received a few highly effective canned emails (effective the first time I got them anyway) and now actually think it is smart for guys to play the numbers game and not waste their time on long, personal first emails to girls who may not even be interested.

So, another way to "Tim Ferriss" ones love life... create a good "canned" email that can be sent to several people and easily responded to without the person recognizing it is a standard email sent to everyone.


11/18/2009 01:25:01 pm

I agree that if it's if possible in your imagination you can do it with help of the power of realization. That's really true so it's the number!

12/6/2009 10:03:30 am

haha i love it. Great use of outsourcing Tim!

3/16/2010 05:02:00 am

Hilarious stuff Tim. That entire how to not kill yourself blogging talk was excellent all around!

Funny thing is I think its a great idea, the more projects I get involved in the less time I have for things like meeting women. Considering I don't drink and rarely go out to bars and clubs now its even more difficult. So I plan on trying something like this within the year.

I'm curious though... even in online dating normally some form of rapport would need to be created in order to get to the point of even a mini-date (at least in my experience).

Did you simply have the oursourcers say on behalf of Mr. Tim Ferriss we would like to invite you to a coffee date on the following date and time and that was it?

5/19/2011 06:53:46 am

Funny video. Never considered to outsource my dating schedule :))


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